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COVID-19 Table Tennis Club Rules

  • If the Office of Public Health/ Government of New Brunswick asks you to self-monitor
    your symptoms for possible contact with an infected person, we would kindly ask that
    you avoid the club during the days of self-monitoring. (i.e. on a flight with an infected

  • Wear a mask when not playing.

  • Respect of 2 metres Physical Social distancing at all times.

  • Hand sanitizer is mandatory upon entering and before leaving the club and encouraged throughout.

  • There will be balls provided on each side of the table. Only these balls can be used and touched by the players at that table. Each player must have their own balls identified and they can only touch these balls.

  • Each player will have a chair at the sides of the playing area to put their belongings until the end of the session, including their towels.

  • The tables will be disinfected before and after each session.

  • Avoid touching the table at all times, this includes wiping your hand near the net.

  • There will be no handshakes at the end of the games.

  • There will be no changing of sides after each game/match.

  • There will be no doubles play until the Province is in the Green Phase (A vaccine is available).

  • There will be no breathing on the ball for tackiness, balls to be cleaned after each practice.

  • There will be no sharing of rackets.

  • Only one person in the bathroom at a time. 1 per Female and 1 per Male.

  • Respiratory etiquette must be followed (couching, sneezing using left arm).

  • Dispose of the used tissue immediately and go wash your hands.

  • Players are at all times encouraged to wear facemask when off the table.

  • The main club door and the bathroom hallway door must remain opened at all times for ventilation.

COVID-19 Player Procedure to follow for each session

  • Please Enter using the regular club door but exit using the door to it’s left (the one with the sign that says “Exit Only”).

  • Sanitize your hands upon entering the club and when you exit the club. (Use the sanitizer at the club entrance).

  • Follow the arrows to a chair closest to the table for your belongings.

  • Use the balls in the buckets on your side of the table only.

  • Write your name or Write the table # and A or B (to represent the side) on your ball.

  • During playtime, kick the ball back from the other tables or to your opponent without touching it.

  • When finished playing, use the disinfectant and green cloth at the table to disinfect the balls and then disinfect the table.

  • Clean and disinfect your chair with the disinfectant next to your table before leaving.

  • Clean your hands using the hand sanitizer by the table.

We thank you for accepting and following these new rules so everybody can have a safe table

tennis experience.

Greater Moncton Table Tennis Club Executive

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