2022 Table Tennis Club Fee Structure


Currently, we offer 3 types of fees to suit different players. 


Seniors 55+ Open Play Session (Canceled until further notice) 


Regular Open Play Session for all ages (Tue/Thu 7-9pm)  

Match Play Session for players who want to prepare for tournaments (Sat 11am-1pm) Your first drop-in is free. Give it a try! 


Plan A (Drop-in $7 per visit, no coaching) 

Recommended to those individuals who cannot commit to table tennis but would like to play once a while or  less than twice a week. 

Plan B (Rent A Table) 

You can rent a table during the 2-hour session for $20. Maximum 4 players per table. Please include the  names of the players when sending e-transfer. 

Plan C ($65 Monthly for unlimited sessions a month, with training sessions offered by our  club trainer) 

Recommended to those frequent players who want to play more than twice a week.

- Training sessions will be offered by Jianwei on a regular basis. These training sessions are ideal for those  players who have developed the basic skills in table tennis. 

All Plans A-C: Payment method is interact e-transfer to our club at <monctonttc@gmail.com


We kindly request you to book your sessions (each individual booking is needed for each person)  on Picktime and pay the $7/$20/$65 fee via  e-transfer to our club prior to the beginning of the session. 


Private Coaching ($10 per 30-min session) 

If you or your kids need private coaching, please check with our executives to confirm the availability of  coaching resources and include the extra $10 coaching fee via e-transfer prior to the beginning of the  session. Walk-in coaching may be available but we would need to arrange coaching resources to those who  reserve a coach with us in advance first.  

NCCP certified coaches: Alain, Ingrid and Tom 

Assistant coaches: Ron, Neil, Babu and Cristina 

Note: When sending e-transfer, please specify the name of the person to be paid if your legal name is  different from the name on Picktime or paying for someone else.

If everyone can book on Picktime and pay via etransfer before the session, it would take much lesser time to  check members' attendance and payment so we all can start on time at 7pm.

Thank you!