Seniors 55+ Open Play Session Tuesday (10:30am – noon) special rate $5 per visit.


Regular Open Play Session for all ages (Mon/Tue/Thu 7-9pm).

See Plan A-E below. Your first drop-in is free. Give it a try!


Plan A (Drop-in $10 per visit, no coaching)

  • Recommended to those individuals who cannot commit to table tennis but would like to play once a while and less than once a week.

  • Drop-in fee is $10 cash. You can pay the $10 to one of our executives when you show up.


Plan B ($20 per visit, same as plan A plus 30 minutes private coaching session)

  • You can specify your coach from one of our available coaches - Alain and Tom.

  • Availability is limited. To reserve a coach before you come, you can communicate with us from our FaceBook group chat. You can pay the $20 to one of our executives when you show up.


Plan C ($45 Monthly for 6 sessions a month, no coaching)

  • Recommended to those causal players who want to play more than once a week

  • On average, it would be $7.5 per session if you attend all the 6 sessions per month. Payment method is interac etransfer to our club at <monctonttc@gmail.com>


Plan D ($75 Monthly for unlimited sessions a month, with training sessions offered by our club trainer)

  • Recommended to those frequent players who want to play more than twice a week

  • Training sessions will be offered by Jianwei on a regular basis. These training sessions are ideal for those players who have developed the basic skills in table tennis.

  • There would be about 12 sessions a month. On average, it would be $6.25 per session if you attend all 12 sessions per month. Additionally, Plan D / E members can also go to our Tuesday morning session for seniors from 10:30 to noon. Please book your spot with Ingrid if you want to play on Tuesday morning. Payment method is interac e-transfer to our club at <monctonttc@gmail.com>


Plan E ($110 Monthly for unlimited sessions a month, with 4 sessions of 30 minutes coaching sessions offered by our certified coaches)

  • Recommended to those frequent players who want to play more than twice a week and want to have a private coaching session with our certified coach. These coaching sessions are for everyone from beginners to competitive players. 

  • You can specify your coach from one of our coaches – Alain and Tom. When your coach is not available, the other coach will be substituted on an occasional basis.


  1. For plan C members, if you find you are running out of the 6 sessions and would like to play more in that month, you can pay $35 extra (by e-transfer) in order to upgrade your plan to plan D anytime of the month. Alternatively, you can select plan A or B for additional sessions.

  2. For plan C or D members, if you want additional private coaching sessions, you can pay $15 extra (by e-transfer) for every extra 30-minutes private coaching session from our certified coach. 


Note: When sending e-transfer, please specify which plan you want to subscribe to in the note. For plan C/D/E members, please book your spots on our Segenda online booking system as usual. 


Booking and Payment Policy: 

  1. Please send e-Transfer per person to monctonttc@gmail.com. The official name you can add to your e-transfer is “Greater Moncton Table Tennis Club”. No password is required, it is auto deposited. Also kindly include your full name and email address on the Message section of the e-transfer. Once the eTransfer received we will credit your club account.

  2. Accounts can be recharged with more than 6 sessions.

  3. Accounts can be shared with family members and friends (except for plan D and E) as long as the account holder is the one requesting for it. 

  4. After payment is received, we will send a link to you so you can book your spot on a practice night.

  5. You will get an email that your booking is confirmed. Please keep this email for cancellation purposes. 

  6. We will share you account balance.   If you find a discrepancy, please contact Ron, Tom or Neil for assistance at monctonttc@gmail.com.

  7. Booking is closed by 4pm/noon of the day we play. No bookings are allowed after 4:00 pm so we have time to prepare table assignments.

  8. The minimum number of players required per night is set to 4 players. That means if there are less than 4 persons registered in a session it will be cancelled. We will announce the cancellation to the players who are registered by 1pm of the day we play.

  9. Visit how to book a session page for more details on our booking process.

  10. New players are allowed to try out table tennis! One free session is offered before signing up. (We will accommodate if there is an open spot.)


Note: Please ensure that you have sufficient account balance before you make reservation. 


Cancellation and Refund Policy:

  1. The deadline to cancel a session is 12pm/noon of the day you are booked and a refund will be credited to your account.   If you can’t cancel by the deadline, it will be your responsibility to give or sell your spot to another fellow player.  Please notify, Tom, Neil or Ingrid of the replacement player at monctonttc@gmail.com  for contact tracing purposes if required.  

  2. You can cancel by clicking the “Unsubscribe From This Event” link found in the confirmation email you received when you registered.   See “cancel session” here for “How to cancel tutorial"

  3. If you would like a refund for the remaining balance of your account please contact Tom, Neil or Ron by sending an email to monctonttc@gmail.com or send a Facebook message to “Moncton Table Tennis”. However, you will lose your opportunity to book for the rest of the month and will need to wait until the following month and “eTransfer” $30 before you make another booking.